Dr. Maria Börner

Program Manager, Adap GmbH

The usage of AI models is increasing worldwide. However, traditional AI setups with central training in a cloud or a server have several disadvantages: leak of data privacy, high latency, complex infrastructure, and high energy consumption in data centers due to cooling. Federated learning brings AI training to the data and resolves these mentioned problems by design. We will answer questions as to what federated learning is, can it be used for your project, and how can it be implemented in your existing projects?

AI@Enterprise Summit 2022

Practical applications of Artificial
Intelligence in business

9-10th June 2022



Evention Sp. z o.o
Rondo ONZ 1 Str, Warsaw, Poland


Anna Kocik
m: +48 533 374 006
e: anna.kocik@evention.pl

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