Specializes in organizing business meetings. Business events are considered to be an integral, virtually irreplaceable element of building relationships and improving the effectiveness of such relationships between companies, or actually between people who stand behind them. The company team has a track record of 100+ various projects and nearly 20 years of cumulated experience. They own a unique set of skills and experience gathered throughout many years of work on business meetings in the context of ICT market and topics. They demonstrate editorial and analytical skills, are engaged in extended networking with decision makers, and maintain relationships with persons from the ICT world, laboriously built over many years. The team cooperates with multiple institutions, associations, organizations, chambers and other relevant entities which facilitate the organization of publishing and business meetings. With their competences and capacity to organize various events on an end-to-end basis, they provide the companies with the ability to reach potential targets of a business meeting, and with support for developing the formula, the content program and the accompanying publications.
Codete is an IT consulting and software development company based in Kraków, Lublin & Berlin. Our company helps enterprises to use emerging technologies such as Big Data & Data Science to create a powerful business advantage. We advise on digitalization and implement IT solutions combining top quality with being agile. Since 2010 we create dedicated teams of engineers and consultants for customers.Codete operates globally in a variety of business verticals such as Fintech, E-commerce and Retail, Travel, Healthtech, Advertising and Marketing, Automotive, Logistics, Media, and Entertainment. Our customers are in majority tech scale-ups and multinational corporations from DACH Area, US, Nordics, and UK. We are also involved in cooperation with top technology universities internationally in the area of Data Science R&D.


Chmura Krajowa
CLICO has been operating on the market of advanced technologies since 1991, successfully introducing and promoting in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe innovative solutions of the world market leaders. From the very beginning, the company set itself a clear strategy implemented as part of value-added distribution (VAD), understood in a way that goes far beyond the common interpretation of this concept. Using 30 years of experience, CLICO educates the market by offering - apart from the best products of technology world leaders - a comprehensive set of consulting, educational and audit services, which supports all types of organizations in the process of improving cybersecurity in the areas of IT, OT and IoT. From the very beginning, CLICO had ambition to provide complete and unique solutions focusing on three areas: security, networking and management. This strategy has been consistently implemented to this day by focusing on the highest quality products and the highest competences. As an authorized center, CLICO offers highly valued technical support, as well as authorized and in-house trainings, covering not only technologies and products in the distribution portfolio, but also general issues. In addition to four Polish offices in Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice and Rzeszów, CLICO currently has also local branches in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Hungary. For years, the company has also been represented in the Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The stable growth and development of CLICO so far results from a consistent management policy based on three key pillars: knowledge transfer, sales support and talent acquisition.
Elitmind is a consulting company and offers the creation and comprehensive implementation of innovative solutions in the field of Business Intelligence and advanced data analytics. We believe in the power of information, the potential of artificial intelligence and the effective use of machine learning mechanisms. Many years of experience have taught us that the intelligent use of data changes organizations is giving the companies a competitive advantage. We use the latest technologies in the field of data analytics to solve our clients' problems. We have extensive experience in creating innovative solutions for retail, finance and controlling, thanks to which we understand the challenges faced by these industries. We know (and apply) IBCS standards regarding the appearance of reports, presentations and dashboards. Our experience and competences are confirmed by numerous golden partnerships with Microsoft.
Juniper Mist is one of the first artificial intelligence-based wireless networks (WLAN) to revolutionize enterprise-class networks. Mist uses artificial intelligence to simplify troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks, proactively identify problems, automate and tune the network to changing environmental conditions (self driving network), and provide unprecedented insight into customer and device behavior. The vendor also created a virtual assistant - Marvis - in order to obtain information from the system easier and faster, due to asking questions in a natural language. The solution provides patented Bluetooth® LE technology, which in combination with the so-called virtual beacons enable customers to deliver scalable, location-based wireless services such as indoor pathfinding, proximity alerts, traffic analysis and asset tracking. All operations are managed by a modern Mist micro-cloud service architecture that provides scalability, flexibility and performance. A great added value of the solution is the integration of the MIST cloud, including AI mechanisms, with Juniper EX series switches in the area of management, automation and problem solving. On April 2nd, 2019, Juniper Networks - the world's leading network solutions vendro - acquired Mist Systems, introducing artificial intelligence into IT ("AI for IT").
SAS is the leader in analytics and AI. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence to make smart decisions and drive relevant change. With SAS, data scientists have a rich set of tools, including statistical methods, optimization, data visualizations, machine learning and deep learning. You can serve predictions and embed AI models in applications through REST APIs and programming languages such as Python, R, Java, Lua and Scala. The SAS platform runs in a variety of environments, whether you are deploying in the cloud or on premises. SAS also provides natural language processing and speech to text tools. These methods are accessible through APIs and enable users to build intelligent applications such as Chatbots. SAS platform allows to operationalize data product on any scale in real time. SAS helps customers at more than 83,000 sites in 147 countries. Incorporated in 1976, company employs nearly 14 000 employees.


SiBB e.V is an association of more than 250 member companies from different areas of digital economy from Berlin and Brandenburg. SIBB promotes the exchange, cooperation, knowledge growth and internationalisation of the entire digital economy in the region. SIBB ensures an active exchange far beyond the boundaries of the digital economy. In the age of comprehensive digitization of economic processes, the association addresses a wide range of industries that want to promote digitization in their companies with its professional services and the TOP experts. The range of services offered to companies includes 13 specialist forums, special further training courses (IQ@SIBB) and various meet-up events on topics relating to the digital industry. SiBB stimulates international cooperation, especially with Poland, Russia and USA.


AI Poland
AIPoland is an initiative with aim to promote Polish AI ecosystem and enable collaboration between Polish and foreign entities in various areas
Data Community Poland
We are a group of enthusiasts working with all aspects of data gathering, storing, processing and presentation. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, networking and having loads of fun during our small and big events all over Poland.
Data KRK
Data KRK brings practical Data Science to Krakow. It is everything you always wanted to know about Big Data, NoSQL or Machine Learning, but were afraid to ask. Our main area of interest is Hadoop Ecosystem and bringing business value out of it, but we don’t forget about anything related to Data Science. We meet each month to present an inspiring talk or organize a data-hacking session.
The National Information Processing Institute
The National Information Processing Institute is an interdisciplinary scientific institute and a leader in software development for Polish science and higher education. We knowledge on almost every Polish scientist, their projects, and their research apparatus. Gathering, analysing, and compiling information on the research and development sector allows us to influence the direction of Polish scientific policy. We develop intelligent information systems both for the public sector and for commercial use. The key areas of research at the institute include: machine learning algorithms, natural language processing algorithms, sentiment analysis, neural networks, discovering knowledge from text data, human-computer trust, computer assisted decision making systems, and artificial intelligence. Our research is driven by interdisciplinarity, and is conducted in seven laboratories, which employ specialists in various fields. Our team of information technology experts is supported by economists, sociologists, lawyers, statisticians, and psychologists. This fusing of different scientific approaches is conducive to in-depth analysis of research issues, and is a driving force for innovation.

AI@Enterprise Summit 2021

Practical applications of Artificial
Intelligence in business

9-10th June 2021



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