This is a meeting for practitioners. For all the goal- and practice-oriented people at organizations worldwide who want to become a part of the AI revolution in business. Data scientists, software developers, Machine Learning experts, DevOps engineers, and managers who wish to implement AI solutions into their companies.

We’re combining the “here and now” perspective of diverse organizations with the prospects of implementing what artificial intelligence already has to offer. In the conference agenda, there’s room for both inspiration and exchanging experiences, including real-life case studies from companies that have successfully implemented AI solutions.

It’s time to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence applied in practice. Let’s make the change together!

Reasons to attend

AI@Enterprise Summit 2021?

It’s practice-oriented.

The agenda was constructed with real-life business needs and challenges in mind. You can count on numerous interesting case studies and use cases.

It’s rich in know-how.

The program covers a broad range of artificial intelligence topics, focusing on tools and techniques as well as possible applications of AI in your organization. This means you’ll get a lot of practical knowledge as the conference takeaway.

It’s accompanied by workshops.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain unique insights into specific subject areas straight from experts and practitioners. It’s your chance to learn their tricks of the trade and assemble your toolbox.

It’s networking-friendly.

The conference platform will provide you with many opportunities for online networking and discussion in smaller groups. You’ll be able to share your opinions directly with other attendees and with the speakers.

It’s international and diverse.

The participants (both the speakers and the audience) will not only come from different countries all over the world, but also from various organizational contexts. That’s plenty of space for exchanging experiences.

Conference topics:

A conference for business leaders and data scientists. It’s a trade off between scientical and business value of data science methods, without pumping the bulb on AI.

  • Connecting the business and artificial intelligence new trends

We show the new trends in artificial intelligence and show how to get business value from it. On the other hand, we want not only to focus on success stories but also show failures, ways to avoid them, and lessons learned.

  • Applied Machine Learning by case studies

The best way to learn more about a method is to show how it can be used in commercial projects. No marketing is allowed, only case studies divided into three sections: problem, solution, and lessons learned.

  • Machine learning operations

MLOps is a trending topic in data science. In the talks, we present case studies that allow you to move your data science projects to a higher level. Apart from managing model versions, we also cover the topics of distributed training and model deployment.

Conference format:

2 days of online presentations and discussions

1 day of workshops

Day 1 and day 2

Online conference with parallel tracks of presentations, plenary keynotes, panel discussions, and small-group roundtables.

Day 3

Online workshops of choice. Real AI experts, real knowledge. It is a day of opportunity to immerse in the world of applied AI.

There will be 2-4 hours workshops in smaller groups.

Artificial Intelligence is a widely popular term already. It’s been present for decades not only in academic papers but also in popular science and science fiction. Nevertheless, it seems that AI and business haven’t really come together until recently.

Now, AI is dynamically entering the business world, transforming the ways companies work and allowing for entirely new services and business models to arise.

This change has been made possible by a lucky coincidence of several factors: the development of Big Data technology, the increasing popularity of both cloud computing and automation, and the accelerating digital transformation.

Together, they have created a fertile soil for applying AI in business — meaning, in this case, highly sophisticated algorithms operating on diverse Big Data sets.

The official conference language is English. People from all over the world are welcome!

Become a conference partner!

Show your solutions, share your knowledge and meet new customers!
As a Partner you will:

• give a lecture combined with a case study in the main panel or in parallel sessions

• run an online discussion table (roundtables sessions)

• establish direct contact with participants in the virtual stand

• lead one-2-one meetings with selected conference participants (in the form of a video conversation) after the conference

• promote yourself as an expert in the technological knowledge zone

• and much more!


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