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In our report we will showcase the examples of practical applications and the potential for making changes made possible with the implementations of AI in companies in Poland. We will not be focusing on presenting distant hypothetical perspectives of the use of artificial intelligence. We will show what can be achieved already today with the use of this technology and what the organisations opting for it have to face in practice. Furthermore, we will look at it through the eyes of people who are already now involved in its use – at the level of planning, management, implementation or operation

Developed by Enterprise Software Review in collaboration with AI@Enterpise Summit

The publication will contain an editorial section prepared by a team of professional journalists, and presentations, commentaries and interviews with experts in a standardised graphic format, presenting topics such as, among others:

  • AI in the long-term business perspective. (How to incorporate artificial intelligence in corporate growth strategies, competitive advantage building projects and digital transformation? In what areas of company operations and business will the AI work best? How to select them and prepare for the implementation of the new solutions?)
  • AI on the corporate agenda (How to plan for the implementation of artificial intelligence in companies? What to consider when getting ready to start the project? How to identify the key challenges and crucial tasks? What resources to provide? How to manage such projects? What issues and problems to expect? What results to assume and how to measure their accomplishment?)
  • Risk awareness (Top threats in designing and using artificial intelligence in businesses. The most frequently committed errors when implementing AI-based solutions. How to avoid failures when implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence?)
  • AI project management (Best practices. Relevant methods and solutions. Practical enablers and proven actions. Collaboration with different departments and professional groups (business, technologies, finance, etc.). Utilising specialists and experts and the requirements on them. When to possibly abandon a project to avoid losses or risks?


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AI@Enterprise Summit 2022

Practical applications of Artificial
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