Tomasz M. Rutkowski

Research Scientist at RIKEN AIP, Tokyo, Japan

Tomasz (Tomek) M Rutkowski is a researcher and educator born in Poland. He lives in Japan since 1998 and focuses his professional activity on computational neuroscience (neurotechnology), multi-sensory (multimedia) applications, artificial intelligence, and intelligence augmentation. He developed an award-winning tactile (haptic) brain-computer interface and he is also active in multi-sensory (auditory, visual, tactile, etc.) media design. Tomek contributed also to a design of a direct brain-music interface with Prof. Furukawa’s team (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) and he has been involved in research on brain correlates of creativity together with Prof. Okada (The University of Tokyo). Currently is he is an AI research scientist at RIKEN AIP in Tokyo where his research has been focused on human intelligence augmentation (IA) for dementia prevention and passive BCI development with the support of deep learning techniques. For a full publication list please check

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